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THE SMALL BUNDLE - Black Friday 30% OFF

If you think scrunchies are only meant to be worn in the bathroom or gym, think again. The Alice Scrunchie is designed to be a sophisticated take on this traditional hair accessory. All handmade from luxury silk in our New York City studio, these pieces will surely be the staple of your look. You can style it with a flowy summer dress for a playful touch, or pair it with a boxy blazer for a more fashion-forward, sophisticated look. The Alice Scrunchie comes in 3 sizes catering to all hair types and lengths.

The Original Alice Scrunchie is made of 4 Ply SIlk, which has a slightly textured matte finish. This gives it a more unique and exclusive look and feel. 
Bundle Contains:
  • Small Alice in White
  • Small Alice in Clay
  • Small Alice in Lilac
  • 3 of our cotton linen Dust Bags
  • 1 large storage box 


We are excited to announce a new staple piece into the After Iris family; The Cora Pony Wrap. The Cora Wrap is a subtle statement wrapped around any ponytail or bun. It’s designed with a tighter elastic so there’s no need to fuss with twisting and turning. The Cora comes in two of our favorite fabrics. You can choose from our Silk Organza for a lighter, structured look, or our...


The Alice Scrunchie comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Although all three sizes are designed to give an oversized effect, you can decide which size is right for you based on your hair length, texture, or your own personal style. The small is great for those with hair shoulder length and above. It’s designed with slightly smaller elastic and less fabric in order to not overpower your hair....


All of our products and samples are hand crafted from start to finish right here in our New York City studio. Not only do we create small product runs to ensure every single piece is made carefully and thoughtfully, but our team works extremely hard to make sure we order just enough fabric for each production to help eliminate any waste.


Since our scrunchies are made of 100% silk, we recommend storing them in your dust bag when not in use, or you’re traveling. Our cotton linen dust bags are made with recyclable fabric with our hand drawn, custom logo placed in the center.

THE SMALL BUNDLE - Black Friday 30% OFF